Keeping your business focused and profitable is like juggling ping-pong balls in a storm; It takes a great deal of skill and effort. This is made a whole lot easier with a dedicated Business Coach. A Coach who has travelled this road before, has the skill and experience to overcome hurdles and avoid the potholes.

Business Coaching is not for everyone, but of you want a dedicated effort that will get you and your business on track and gaining momentum, then there is no better way to get the results you need.

Monthly coaching sessions of between 90 and 120 minutes will focus on a specific area of your business and be geared for expansion and growth. Sessions will also allow time for general issues and business discussions.

Investment: R1500 monthly for at least one session, together with email support and access to our network of dedicated service suppliers and tools.

Additional in-house services include: Bookkeeping, Tax Submissions, Company Registrations, Social Media setup and management and Video Production.

If you still doubt the power of business coaching, read what others have had to say below

Thank You Bruce, You have helped me to understand my business better and also what to look for and also what to stay away from
Shanduka Black Umbrellas Mentorship Participants
Thank you Bruce for the workshops, The lessons either taught me what I did not know or reminded me of what I should be doing.
Shanduka Black Umbrellas Mentorship Participants
I attended 80% of the workshops and have gained tremendously from your knowledge. I will certainly use the information to grow my business. Watch this space. Thanks you Bruce
Shanduka Black Umbrellas Mentorship Participants
Thank you for your time, you taught me to be confident
Shanduka Black Umbrellas Mentorship Participants
I feel that what Bruce is doing has tremendous in the market place and is exactly what SA economy needs. Now if only the govt and the banks would back endeavours like these up with finances.
Peter Holmes, My Work Law
Thanks for a great service over the years…it has been life changing!
Robin Buck, Fitness Boot Camp