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Who is your sounding board?

A huge part of my work involves being a sounding board for new and creative ideas. It is my job to ask the right questions and to offer the prescribed advice to those who want to venture down an unknown road into the future.

A business coach needs a number of tools in their armoury to pull out and use at the right time when required. But most importantly is the skill to listen and understand what is being said as well as what is not being said.

I had a casual session with Amanda yesterday and we discussed her current ventures and decisions in her business and just be listing and giving feedback, I was able to have a huge impact on her day. To the point that she wrote about our time together on her blog this morning. So I thought I would share it with you to see how important not only a solid business coach is to business development but also a person who can listen and act as a solid sounding board.

Thanks Amanda for the kind words. Read her blog here.


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Year End Strategies – Thank You

A final blog from us this year just to say thank you to all those who have played a role in our success over the past 12 months. It has been one massive year for both myself personally and for the business. But it does not stop there, we already have a expansion plan mapped out for 2015 with some key focus areas and goals ready for launch next month.

Many blessings to you and your staff for this Christmas period. No matter where you are or what you are up to may this time be special for you. Land, refuel and get ready to launch in 2015.

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Year End Strategies – Staff Leave

Having to send too many of your staff on leave during the holidays can place a huge burden on the business structures and often results in poor service to customers who are still expecting the same level of service from you. We chat about some of the issues and solutions around staff leave.

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Year End Strategies – Staff Parties

What are you doing for your staff party this year. Learn from some of these key strategies to help make your staff activity a pleasant and productive event.

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Year End Strategies – Cash Flow

How to best utilise your cash flow at the end of the year to cater for the higher expenses and longer times between invoices. Knowing these simple strategies could save your business.

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Disambiguation Strategies

The issue of being stuck in a rut is often the cause of confusion and lack of development for both individuals and businesses. Striving for clarity in this fog of confusion requires a set of disambiguation strategies that will lead you into the clear sky and back on track to progress. So what are some of these strategies that you can employ

One: Do something different to get a different result. Change something in your routine or how you are working. Do not implement wholesale changes, this will only get you more in trouble. Change one thing at a time and then look for results. These changes can range from simple activities like moving your desk around, change that way you travel to work, have a new hair cut. Often small simple physical changes will help trigger change in behaviour and thinking.

Two: Share with someone who cares. Sharing your situation with someone is just good therapy. We don’t necessarily need to pay huge bills for a therapist, just a friend or family member will do.  If it is a business issue then a coach or mentor may be able to shed some light on the situation for you by asking the right questions.

Three: Write things down. This simple effective activity allows our brains to place things in order. One of the common strategies amongst successful people is journaling. Taking time each day just to jot down things in a journal helps retrofit ideas into strategies. You could also just write a letter or email to someone sharing the situation, again sharing is therapy, even with yourself.

Four: Using one of the many thinking tools that are available. Mind mapping is one that has been great for me for many years. The simple exercise of mapping out a situation or new ideas gives clarity as the map develops. New online apps make this a very simple effective way to think in pictures linked to the way our brains work.

Five: Hire a consultant. This is often the first course of action for corporate and government, but could be costly for smaller businesses. But consultants have their place in a situation that requires specialist thinking and situations. If you are moving into areas that will find you way out of your depth in expertise, then the consultant route is the way to go.

Just some simple ways to work your way out from an ambiguous situation to clarity.

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How to beat the odds of failure in business?

What if there was a cheat code for starting a business. All you needed to do was enter the code A43F6T48 into your phone app and you instantly became invincible and financially enabled. Then you could launch whatever business idea you have.

Seems unlikely in the real world, but are there ways to beat the odds of start up failure. With up to 80% failure rate of small emerging businesses in South Africa, it is still a wonder why we see so many new registered businesses each month. Your odds of winning at the Lotto seem almost better and a whole lot cheaper.

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But there are stats that depict a reversal of these odds with up to an 80% success rate for businesses who participate in a good quality Incubator. A successful Incubator with a solid methodology for business development accompanied by experienced start up coaches and a network of associated practitioners who will guide and lead you to the right places towards success.

If there were such places, why do so many people still risk the odds of trying to go it alone and beat the system? Maybe for the same reason that there are long queues at the Lotto each week, or hundreds of people at the casinos each evening. The faintest of hope drives people to play the odds and try to win, knowing deep down that it is almost impossible.

But beat the odds we do. Here at the Entrepreneur Incubator and Academy we have a very well versed plan of action to start any business. Our Steps to Success guides our clients together with solid coaching and mentoring along a road that will ask all the required questions to lead to points of Viability through Feasibility to Sustainability. Each step is equipped with Go/No Go scenarios and we will never waste time trying to pursue an idea or product that does not match up to the rules. This assists in failing fast and not wasting time, energy and money in the process.

Actually come to think of it, there is a cheat code to business success. It is simply and email to admin@ei.co.za to book your first session. We look forward to your success.

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Sales Techniques for Effective Entrepreneurs

Just last week we published our latest online course titled: ‘Sales Techniques for Effective Entrepreneurs’. This course has created such a buzz with 960 people signing up in the first 4 days. Our greatest launch to date.

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The course covers aspects of selling that are not normally covered in marketing workshops. We look at how to define your product, create a scripted sales pitch based on a defines sales funnel and the sales cycle. We chat about how to ask the right questions using the right content for the right audience at the right time. The course concludes with a look at a template to use for all future marketing campaigns. All together a very comprehensive course.

With Spring just around the corner for us in the south, we are offering a chance for you to participate in this course for half price using our spring coupon. Click HERE to access the course and pay only $10 for lifetime access to all the videos, handouts and notes.

This coupon is only valid until the end of September with a limited number of places, so first click first learn. Our gift to you, Enjoy Click HERE

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15 tell tale signs that you may be an entrepreneur

This insightful article on Entrepreneur.com this week gives us an insight into what signs to look out for that could mean you may be an Entrepreneur.

The 15 signs are:

  1. You take action
  2. You’re insecure
  3. You’re crazy
  4. You’re obsessed with Cash Flow
  5. You get into hot water
  6. You’re fearless
  7. You can’t sit still
  8. You’re malleable
  9. You enjoy navel gazing
  10. You’re motivated by challenges
  11. You consider yourself an outsider
  12. You recover quickly
  13. You fulfil needs
  14. You surround yourself with advisors
  15. You work and play hard

Read the full article here

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Google is tracking your every move

What if you could keep track of any movement you made anywhere across the globe by recording the movement of your phone?
Google does this for you. Most smart Android phones or tablets require a Google account when activated. Simple enough, this gives you the ability to download mail, contacts and calenders. But it also uploads your GPS position every few minutes to some giant server somewhere that keeps track of where you have been, when and for how long.
Check out my movement for the last 30 days in and around Cape Town.

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This has a bunch of positives linked to this. I can track myself, my staff and people I want to keep an eye on. I can also use this to find my phone if stolen or lost. But it also brings up a huge list of negative issues about privacy and personal protection.
Google could actually compile a list of all people who are at any one location at any time. This includes meetings of importance, events or places of interest. Spooky if you ask me. This sort of information in the wrong hands could be devastating.
Do we now cancel our mobile device links to Google or embrace yet more personal information saved on their servers about our habits?

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