EI has been an awesome program so far, and I am sure it will learn more from it as time goes.
Douglas Webber, All Comm
For someone wanting to get out of the corporate “eggbox” world into the alternative universe of self-employment, it is scary. It’s a mine-field out there – even when you know where the mines are ! Bruce provides calm in the storm with a side-serving of quirky humour on the side. His understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape is vast, his network of connections in this world is strong and he is a brilliant guy to have on your side of the table when asking people for money to fund your fabulous idea.
Amanda Foster, Coaching Connection
I would like to say a big thank you to you for giving me such incredible insight into the world of” The Entrepreneur”. Never before have I understood what frame of mind an entrepreneur is. You have helped me to get to know my inner entrepreneur and have shown me how to develop it. By doing this I began grasping the mind frame I should be in and how to get in to that frame of mind every day.
Marc Nortje, Office Dynamics
Thank you Bruce, I am truly impressed with your prompt follow up and professional manner in which you do business. This gives me full confidence in your company and what I need to achieve for my business.
Daleen de Klerk, Best Models Ever
Bruce, you are a dear and considerate, caring and giving person. Thank you for all you have done, are doing, and will, I guess, be doing. I have found a printer to give the inspiration you inspired yesterday!
Frenske Otzen, Cape Photography
Bruce’s passion for entrepreneurship and growing this very under-rated sector is both infectious and inspiring. He is always keen to help and share his experience where needed. I’ve found his support and words of encouragement invaluable.
Rene Truter, Business Partners
Bruce is excellent at what he does because I can observe all that he advises me to do in my own business at work in his own business. He constantly tries to stay one step ahead of the rest in his field and due to this he is able to offer excellent insights to his clients. I highly recommend Bruce and EI to any business wishing to grow and develop.
Nic Black, NB Media
Bruce changed my life. It’s as simple as that. He showed me strengths and talents within myself that I had never acknowledged before. He made me believe in myself. I think that’s one of the greatest gifts anyone can give you.
Sally Kruger, Business Needs Analysis
Bruce often says that his niche is the ability to help people “go from good to great”. I, however, have found that Bruce has taken me from “zero to hero”. And so I believe that Bruce has the ability to help YOU achieve some extraordinary things in your business and your life. Bruce leads by example and has an uncanny intuition. He is an excellent coach and has helped me maintain balance and pave the road and chart a journey to achieve excellence in many aspects of my life. And although that road is often thwart with ups and downs I have found Bruce to be there when I needed him most. He comes highly recommended…!!
Robin Buck, Fitness Boot Camp